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Charles Edward Stade Papers Collection

Identifier: sc.2000.01.01
Scope and Contents This collection contains three boxes and 7 tubes. The tubes contain blueprints and the boxes contain correspondences, meeting minutes, and notes.Box Three: Insurance informationThere are a vast amount of papers on insurances on the University as well as the Hagerman Construction Co.Rain, accident, electric, wind...almost anything that could possibly go wrong was thought of by the company.Almost everything was copied to the Lutheran University...
Dates: 1954 - 1974

Ernst C. Schwidder Collection

Identifier: sc.2013.01.14
Scope and Contents

The collection consists of sixty-eight tubes of plans and drawings; six boxes of mixed materials including drawings, photographs, posters, and documents; four biography scrapbooks covering the years 1953-1974; a liturgical artist notebook; thirty-four boxes of slides that have been scanned; and an additional thirteen boxes of slides that have not been scanned; two boxes of unprocessed materials.

Dates: 1953 - 2013

Friends of Art Collection

Identifier: sc.2017.09.19
Scope and Contents

The Friends of Art Collection consists of 5 archival boxes of documents and publications; 1 box of newsletters; and 2 boxes of photographs.

Dates: 1988 - 2003

Hymnal Collection

Identifier: sc.2016.07.05
Dates: Publication: 1778 - 2008

Idael Makeever Collection, 1888-1986

Identifier: 1202
Content Description The Idael Makeever Collection is from the estate of Idael Makeever who lived from 1867 to 1954. Documents date from 1888 to 1986. The papers date from 1888 to 1953. The collection measures three linear feet and is housed in five archival document boxes. Idael Childers Makeever was a writer and her collection includes poems, short stories and books (both published and unpublished) which she authored. Also in the collection are articles and commentaries about her work; photographs...
Dates: 1888-1986

Katharine Ertz-Bowden Collection

Identifier: sc.2015.07.13
Scope and Contents

Documents in the collection date from 1900 to 2015. The collection consists of eleven series: correspondence, scores, biographical information, photographs, programs, advertisements, scripts, newspaper clippings, negatives, posters, and lantern slides. These eleven series are arranged in seventeen boxes. The collection also contains eleven original wooden lantern slide boxes (housed separately).

Dates: 1890-2015

O.P. Kretzmann Speeches (1921-1971)

Identifier: sc.2017.01.12
Scope and Contents This collection consists of 226 files within 53 folders containing addresses, sermons, and speeches created between the years 1921 to 1971. These documents are part of a larger collection of O.P. Kretzmann's personal papers and are housed within this larger collection. Not all folders within a box are listed in the Contents List below because the items contained within those folders are not considered to be part of this smaller collection. The inventory for this larger collection of...
Dates: 1921 - 1971

Philip Gehring Collection

Identifier: sc.2021.05.24
Scope and Contents

This collection consists of two boxes of materials. One banker's box contains published and unpublished works, and a document box contains additional works and miscellaneous materials.

Dates: 1951 - 2019

Pinhass L. Papish Postcard Collection

Identifier: a.2003.07.17
Scope and Contents

The postcards are written in Hebrew, English, Russian, and Yiddish. Recipients include: Miss Freda Heller, Miss Terrepro, Pinhass Papish. Senders include: Pinhass Papish, Abe, A. Stone. The postcards date from 1908 through 1914 and are addressed to various addresses in New York, Connecticut, and Valparaiso, Indiana.

Dates: 1908 - 1914

Post-1800 Special Books

Identifier: sc.2018.07.06
Dates: Publication: 1800 - 2018

Rare Bible Collection

Identifier: sc.2018.07.25
Dates: 1535 - 1799

Record Group Collection

Identifier: a.2020.05.18
Dates: 1859 - 2020

Reformation Era Book Collection

Identifier: rb.2019.11.22
Dates: 1517 - 1648

Reformation Era Pamphlet Collection

Identifier: sc.2020.06.16
Scope and Contents

Collection includes materials relevant to the study of the Protestant Reformation.

Dates: 1520 - 1550

Robert W. Bertram Collection

Identifier: sc.2019.10.07
Scope and Contents

Contains three boxes of copies of Robert W Bertram's works (publications, sermons, and letters) in addition to books from his personal library that contain significant marginalia, underlining, or inserted notes.

Dates: Agent Relation: 1921 - 2003

Soul Purpose Collection

Identifier: sc.2013.08.30
Scope and Contents

This collection contains 10 boxes containing master copies of all the plays as well as esssays written by John Steven Paul, cast lists, performance programs, prop lists, student papers, correspondace, and images. Not all of the documents under the Soup Purpse History Archives section are listed, as well as other documents for the Soul Purpose Archives section, but can be found within the Valparaiso University Archives and Special Collections.

Dates: 1987 - 2009

Swanson Family Collection

Identifier: a.2014.03.04
Scope and Contents

Mixed materials, mainly photographs of John A. Swanson and Hilding A. Swanson, some prints of photographs, genealogy documents, scrapbook, postcards, Commencement programs, sticker, diploma, booklets. This collection is part of the larger Record Group 1 - Old School.

Dates: 1906 - 2014

University Photograph Collection

Identifier: a.2020.05.26
Scope and Contents

This collection contains the print photographs within Valparaiso University Archives and Special Collections holdings. These photographs pertain to the history of the instution dating back to 1859 through present times. This collection does not include the majority of the slides and negatives within the VUASC's holdings.

Dates: 1859

University Postcard Collection

Identifier: a.2016.03.17
Scope and Contents

This collection contains postcards of various buildings and sites related to the campus of Valparaiso University in its many forms. There are postcards dating from the early 1900s, all of the postcards of professors are from the pre-1925 period. The collection also contains postcards either sent or received by known Valparaiso University alumni providing a snapshot into student life on campus.

Dates: 1900 - 2016

Valparaiso University Lantern Slide Collection

Identifier: sc.2016.03.31
Scope and Contents While the creator(s) of the lantern slides in this collection is unknown, the images have been identified as depicting the University's campus during the period around 1925-1933. Many of the images are found in the University's yearbook, "The Record", from around this time period, within University Bulletins, recruitment brochures, and some within the University publication "The Torch". They contain images of interiors and exteriors of campus buildings, groups of people on campus, students...
Dates: 1925 - 1933

Valparaiso University Rare Book Collection

Identifier: rb.2019.03.15
Dates: 1500 - 1800

Valparaiso University Student Publications

Identifier: a.2018.06.01
Scope and Contents

These publications were created in part with or by Valparaiso University students in the Lutheran era of the institution (post 1925). This grouping only contains those publications within the holdings of Valparaiso University Archives and Special Collections. It is not a complete representation of all student publications that have been produced at Valparaiso University. There are (number) publications represented, some with single issues, others with multiple.

Dates: 1925

Walter M. Wangerin, Jr. Collection

Identifier: sc.2007.01.24
Scope and Contents

The collection consists of 60 boxes of manuscripts and documents; 11 boxes of audio cassette tapes; 3 boxes of correspondence; 5 boxes of videos; and published books.

Dates: 1976 - 2021

Wienhorst Collection

Identifier: sc.1997.03.31
Scope and Contents

The collection contains 10 boxes of catalogued scores composed by Richard Wienhorst. There are an additional 14 boxes of unprocessed materials.

Dates: 1920 - 2010